California Research Shows 589,000 Californians Addicted to Gambling

A California Research Bureau study shows that the gambling industry has huge influence on the economy and California residents. The gambling industry brings in $13 billion annually to California.

California Research Bureau spearheaded a recent study about the gambling industry centers on the gambling business on California.

According to Attorney General Bill Lockyer, he commissioned the research study because of the sudden extension and vast development of casino market for the past years.

According to the report, California's gambling business makes annual earnings of $13 billion.

The result of the report shows that the California's Indian casinos has a more increase profits than the tribal casinos in any other nearby states. Since 2004, Indian casinos operates more than fifty eight thousand gambling machines and had offers over one thousand eight hundred table games. The table games include the blackjack and the roulette.

The tribal casinos also employ ninety percent that are non Indians and this indicates that the gambling venues generate thousands of employment in their hosting communities.

But the boom of economy the gambling industry gives is a number of social problems. The number one social problem is gambling addiction. Over the years, the number of gambling addicts had ballooned to five hundred eighty nine thousand adult Californians who has problem in gambling addiction.

The study shows also that problem gamblers had an annual cost of almost five hundred nine million. The costs are related to unpaid bills, bankruptcy, substance addiction and unemployment.