The Downside of Gambling

You think that you are matured enough and able enough to enter and brave the world of gambling. But before you do just that, be warned that gambling is not all good stuff. Sure, you have dreams of becoming a millionaire in one night. You even had planned what you will do with the money you will win in the future. But before you dream away and drool yourself because of the idea, let me explain to you some of the dangerous effects of gambling.

Gambling can burry you in a multitude of debts. Before you know it, all your savings are use up just to satisfy your gambling habit. Those are the savings that are allotted for your education, or your kids' education, your house mortgage or some other things that are really, really important.

When you were using your savings for gambling, you were thinking that you can double your savings and buy twice what you have initially planned. However, you start losing, and losing, and losing. At this point, you think that you will be able to make up for the money lost, so you put rest of the savings again into gambling.

You are lucky if your theory will hold true, that you will win and you will be able to get your lost money back. But what if you lose in gambling again? Not only that you do not have any more capital to use for gambling, but the sadder fact is that you do not have any more money. Period.

You should still consider yourself lucky if your savings were just for yourself, but what if others' life depended on those savings, like your family perhaps? Not only will you be broke, but your family will curse you in disgust.

Gambling will steal time from other important matters in your life, like family, career and friendships. Instead of training hard for your career, you're out there in the casino, throwing away money in gambling. You find gambling to be more enjoyable than playing with your kids or talking with your husband or wife.

You have replaced your tennis mates, your life-long friends with gambling. Remember that gambling cannot love you back, and gambling does not make you an achiever, unlike your career, which you have worked for so many years.

Thinking of starting a career in gambling? Think again, and think carefully. Make sure you can face the consequences of gambling.