Different Ways to Identy A Scam in Lottery

There are days that when you opened your email that you will see a mail stating you had won a big amount on a lottery. There are dozens of these emails nowadays that have proliferated via the internet. There are still some people who can wish that the email they are reading is really genuine. These emails would only be true if they came from the managers of the syndicate you are apart of or from the company operating the lotteries in your city.

However these emails usually turn out ot be scams. These scams usually fill up the inboxes of many people each day. The emails all promise you millions of Euros or dollars and they can be written by different people. The would use the names of legal companies like the European Lottery to make you feel that it is authentic. They may also include names of popular lottery syndicates for more conviction. There are certain ways to distinguish if these emails are scams. There are obvious things to spot on the email and know if it's a sure scam.

1. Check the address of the sender. Determine if it is a genuine company operating a lottery. If you feel that you are not sure then check the name of the company he is using and search it on your search engine and see the results or the hits. If there is no such company or if there is no official company website then it is most probably a scam.

2. Most lottery scammer and some spam senders just use email addresses that are free. The real personnel from the lottery companies who notify the winners don't use free accounts for their email address. They will usually ask the winners to go to their office or just call them directly.

3. Ask yourself if you have ever joined any contest since there are also lotteries on the internet which can be played for free. If you have not been to such websites then this is another way to assess if this is a scam indeed. There is no way that other people can send you an email like that if you have not entered it yourself.

4. Check if the person on the signature asking for a processing payment to claim what you have won. A legitimate company for lotteries will never ask the winners for their payment so that they can give it to them. They don't need the winner's money for them to process it.

5. Another sign that it is a scam is when the person starts asking for the details of your bank account so they can send your lottery winnings. The sender will probably just eat all the money on that account so be very careful.

6. Using the web browsers is really an effective way to do your research while trying to identify the sender and the company he is said to be representing.

7. You can also do a search for their telephone number. Do the research on websites that lets you do a reverse telephone search. Research for the company address like checking for the street they are located in and check them on the websites with satellite maps.

There are many ways to know if the email you get is a jackpot in the lottery or a scam. It is better to verify the information first before giving out any information from your end.